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Pisces Sun Sign

Pisces - The Sign of two fishes Ruling planet of this Pisces sign is Jupiter. The people of this zodiac sign have a personality which is a combination of all the zodiac signs. This zodiac sign of Pisces is one f the most gentle sign which remains cautious not to hurt anyone. The majority of Pisces zodiac sign born people are kind and trusting. The Pisces zodiac sign born have many generous qualities. They are friendly, good natured, kind and compassionate. The Pisces born are sensitive to the feelings of people around them and are sympathetic to their feelings. 
The Pisces have a sense of adventure and ambition. They are impulsive, enthusiastic and full of energy.

Pisces' Zodiac sign Born - The Pisces zodiac sign born are pioneers both in thought and action. They are quiet open to new ideas and thoughts. They have good grasping powers and acquire knowledge easily. The Pisces zodiac sign born accept the people around them and the circumstances which are prevalent around them. They mix well with other people and move around in big social groups.

Pisces Physical traits: Pisces born people have pleasing personality and normally good outlook. The Pisces zodiac sign born generally have a short stature, short limbs, fleshy and slightly pale color. They are recognized by a double chin, round shoulders, and protruding eyes. They have kind of soft hair too.

Pisces ruled Body parts: The Pisces zodiac sign rules the following body feet, toes and lungs.

Pisces Color: The color which is best suited for Pisces zodiac sign is all shades of Purple, Violet and green.

Pisces Element : Dual Watery sign
The Pisces zodiac sign like most watery signs symbolizes emotions. The people born under this zodiac sign of Pisces are seen to be concerned with people around them they are emotionally involved with them and try to help other all the time. They are flexible and adjust well with their surroundings. The duality in their nature sometimes kicks in and makes them selfish too.

Pisces Positive Strength: Pisces zodiac sign born are gifted people with a flair for creativeness. They have a bit of psychic ability which always knows how someone else is feeling. Pisces people have a kind of mystical side to their nature as well as a practical thought of mind too. They love to search out new resources and new areas and have philosophical approach too.

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