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Gemini Sun Sign

Gemini - The Sign of the Twins Ruling planet of this Gemini sign is Mercury. The people who were born in this sign of Gemini are widely known for their dual personalities and have the ability to change their mood easily. The Gemini born are fun loving and hate to be tied down. They are lively, entertaining and romantic partners. The twin sides’ nature of this dual Gemini zodiac sign is seen continuously pulling in opposite directions. Their brains are subtle and brilliant but at times they lack continuity in the work they do. They have inner belief of being truthful, constant, faithful which they may be at a given moment, but every moment to them has a separate existence.

Gemini' Zodiac sign  - are great talkers and usually very much in demand in social gatherings because they are an entertaining lot. Gemini born live life as it is a party.

Gemini Physical traits: Gemini born people have a proportionate body. They generally have a good height . Gemini zodiac sign born are slender, with visible veins and have a kind of grey eyes.

Gemini ruled Body parts: The Gemini zodiac sign rules the following Arms, hands, shoulders, lungs, nerves, thymus gland.

Gemini Color: The color which is best suited for Gemini zodiac sign is shades of silver, glistening white, and all glittering colors.

Gemini Element : Dual Airy sign
The Gemini born have an active mind and a good command of language. They are good communicators. The air of Gemini keeps changing the directions.

Gemini Positive Strength: The people born under the sign Gemini are quick-witted and fond of music. They have an inner talent and do well in dance, drawing, painting etc. The Gemini born people love to travel to different places and also become good consultants. They show diversity in all spheres and are good advisors.

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