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Cancer Sun Sign

Cancer - The Sign of the Crab Ruling planet of this Cancer sign is Moon. Such people are easily hurt on seeing someone suffering. This is a very complex type zodiac sign. They are at times appear extremely strong and at other moments they could be as vulnerable as a child. The Cancer born people are remarkably good at accumulating things. They tend to have a inclination on not to throw anything out and try to keep things for a longer period even if they do not use it.

Cancer' Zodiac sign -People are most of the times over-anxious. They also make great efforts to gather money. Due to their emotional nature they get into partnerships easily. If channeled in the right direction, their enormous sensitivity can become a great source of strength. Cancerians need to overcome their touchiness and need to learn to keep their unstable emotions in check. They are an intellect lot and have wide imaginations which prove to be good for them. They are good listeners and hence people turn towards them when I need of emotional support.

Cancer Physical traits: Cancer born people have Stout physique. They generally have an average height and pleasing appearance. They have limited stamina but when needed they do not back out till the work is finished.

Cancer ruled Body parts: The cancer zodiac sign rules the breast area, stomach and pancreas.

Cancer Color: The color which is best suited for Cancer zodiac sign is all shades of cream and white.

Cancer Element : MoveableWatery sign
The cancer zodiac sign like most water signs have good intuitive powers. There is seen to be an urge to travel to far off lands but the connections with home land never breaks.

Cancer Positive Strength: The people born under the sign Cancer are sympathetic and kindly sensitivity to other people and especially those they are fond of. They are able to identify well with the situations of other people because of the intense imaginations. They are learned and are have an eye for art and literature. Cancer zodiac sign born people have a talent for mimicry too.

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