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Aquarius Sun Sign

Aquarius - The Sign of the Water Bearer
Ruling planet of this Aquarius sign is Saturn. The people of this sign possess strong and attractive personalities. They are two kinds of Aquarius one who is shy, sensitive, gentle and patient while the other is exuberant, lively and exhibitionist. Those who are over-sensitive are easily wounded in their feelings, while those who are lively never give up a chance to make merry. Aquarius zodiac sign born have great desire for material gain, but take care not to become greedy. They are usually honest enough to change their opinions. The people born under the Zodiac sign Aquarius are dedicated and work for their fair share. They are seen to be truth-seeker and are honest. They never give up chance to probe and get to the root of things. They are a popular lot and are amiable, broad-minded with a talent of creativity. They read character automatically. The zodiac sign Aquarius born have a breadth of vision that brings diverse factors into a whole. They have the ability to see both sides of an argument without taking any kind of sides.

Aquarius Physical traits: Aquarius born people have beautiful outlook and a soothing personality. They are generally seen to be having a good height and a well-formed body. The Aquarius born people are identified with an oval face with slight brown hair and a fleshy face.

Aquarius ruled Body parts: The Aquarius zodiac sign rules the following body parts lower part of legs, ankles, circulatory system, backbone, and the calves.

Aquarius Color: The color which is best suited for Aquarius zodiac sign is all shades of blue and black.

Aquarius Element : Fixed; Airy sign.

The Aquarius zodiac sign like most fixed sign signs are steadfast. They are seen to be intelligent with a sharp memory and an ability of reasoning. They at times lack concentration but due to being a fixed sign have self-control. Their airy properties generate a psychic ability in them.

Aquarius Positive Strength: The people born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius are seen to have intelligence and good mental abilities. The Aquarius zodiac sign born are good thinkers and knowledgeable. They are successful in debates and verbal argument. Their knowledge is vast and has the ability to increase it beyond limits. They are rational, open-minded and gifted ability of intuition.

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