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Sade Saati Report

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Any query related to the report with in 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cost.

Sade Saati means 7 and a half year time which as per the vedic astrology is the time taken by the planet Saturn to transit 3 zodiac signs. This Sade Saati comes in action when the planet Saturn transits from the 12th sign to the natal moon sign to the 2nd sign of the natal moon sign.

Saade Sati comes in play for the native in three stages:

First phase: Saturn transiting in the 12th house from Zodiac moon sign of birth

Second phase: Saturn moving into the natal moon sign

Third phase: This starts when the planet Saturn enter the second zodiac sign calculated from the natal moon sign

As per the movement time of the planet Saturn the planet takes around 2 and half years to transit a whole sign. This time is never equal but almost the same.

There is a common belief that these 7 and half years are not good for the native who undergoes this Sade Saati. It is actually not so because only the transit of a single planet cannot over rule the effects of the complete horoscope. There are several combinations and other aspects to be seen in the horoscope.

We, at, will give you details of events which will occur during the various phases of Saturn’s transit during the Sade sati. Due attention will be given to time frame in which malefic effects are likely to occur. This will enable you to prepare yourself for the consequences. We will also suggest you remedial measure so that the malefic effects of SadeSati are reduced to the minimal. The remedial measure which we recommend are very safe and provide good results, these remedial measures effect the only person concerned and do not have any adverse effects on any other person in the family.

The Sade Sati report will include

  • Your natal horoscope.
  • Your personal Astrological details
  • Explanation of Birth Chart
  • Effects of Saturn transit
  • Sadesati Detail
  • Yantra advice
  • Astrological remedies
  • Any query related to the report with in 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cost.

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Top Customer Reviews

Some baba that mom really believe in, told her that I am in sade sati of my horoscope and really scared her, I am very thankful to who checks sade sati for free and ensured that the baba was making a fool of my mom. Thanks a lot.

By Sandeep Kapoor, medical student, Nepal

Hi all, I am a CA from Delhi. I never used to believe in such things until my wife told me that there is really something wrong with my horoscope, I checked it on and found my horoscope running under sade sati, they also suggested certain remedies that really helped reducing the bad effects of it.

By Sailesh Joshi, CA, Noida

I was told from my childhood about sade sati and my mother never used to leave me alone out of fear. I separated her from this fear with the help of the sade sati report I ordered from that says that Saturn is not there in my horoscope to do anything harmful.

By Rizul Manglik, Software engineer, Aligarh

Sade sati is not always bad and Saturn or shani is not always an enemy to one's life. This is one lifesaving thing that I have learned from and also free of cost. I believe they work to open the eyes of people and alert them to the happy things around them.

By Neelu Arora, businessman, Bhopal

I got my sade sati report made from and the remedies that they told me do, I am doing. I am living a better life now. Although problems still find a way to reach me but they no longer have any effects on my life.

By Sunny Chopra, textile officer, Chandigarh

Any query related to the report with in 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cost.

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